My Office Years Ago: Revisiting places I’ve been while the Pandemic keeps me home.

Revisiting places I’ve been while the COVID 19 Pandemic keeps me home.

It’s really up in the air whether or not we’ll be going on vacation this summer. From having the funds to actually being allowed – no one knows.

So I’m revisiting places I’ve been and things that caught my eye.

First up is Nonnie’s, and ancient pancake house of sorts that used to be in Orleans MA on the cape. We stumbled into it on one of our first trips to Orleans over a decade ago. And there was usually a wait. And I’m sure the locals loved/hated us. It clearly was a time capsule to another, older Cape Cod. And yet our tourism dollars were a part of it still being there. It was pancakes, waffles, bacon and coffee. And eggs. And if you wanted real maple syrup, that would be a $1 extra. And plates. Plates decorated every inch of the walls from all over.

And then there was Nonnie, the owner. She owned Nonnie’s for 44 years and passed away 30 mins before she would have turned 88 in June 2010. Which was the week before our visit to the cape that year. Nothing is permanent, altho the memories are set in amber.



Everything was worn. It reminded me of the National Geographic series that focused on a zip code and something special – a piece of Americana – this was a such a place.

years of paint worn down by years of hands.

No frills coffee.


Probably Nonnie.

Last year, as every year in the past from 2011, we would drive past the building and peer inside wondering what will become of the old place, but it was gone. They knocked it down and made it a parking lot.

But the photos remain.

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My office is socially distant.

Well day 2 of official social distancing, I think it’s Tuesday. I decided to try and capture what social distancing looks like.

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My office is on hold.

Well, if you’ve been under a rock, COVID 19 has rocked everyone’s world.

Being an event photographer, it’s brought mine to a halt.

We are being to told to social distance ourselves and stay home. Basically self quarantine with the ability to leave the house for food. Or a walk. Or at this very moment – small groups of 10 people or less are ok.

So I’m starting a personal photo project. I’ll write more later, but here are the first batch of photos. I took a walk into town.

Covid19 walks-09204.jpgCovid19 walks-09204.jpg

My street. Normally full of parked cars of commuters for the train station.

Commuter parking.Commuter parking.

Commuter parking.

Bit of a ghost town. I walk into town.

Very sad. Hopefully we’ll all get thru this in one piece.


I’m doing my best to support the local biz. Laid in baked goods from the Able Baker.

Pretty much sums it up.

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My office is real life.

A message to all you parents that want your kids to smile for photos. I get it. This is something you want to remember and you want those memories to be good ones. And sometimes your kids won’t play along. Below are some tips.


As a professional photographer – here are the tips:

1 – Remember really young kids have an undeveloped sense of time – so those bribes of going somewhere or a reward AFTER the session mean nothing to them. They will want them NOW or 3 minutes from now. AKA, they don’t work or don’t work well. Slip the photog a few small and non messy food/candy treat out of sight of the kids. Let them offer the treats when needed.

2 – let the photog set the pace and tone. Stress over not smiling is infectious and your kids will become stressed and that makes for poor pix.

3 – Let the photog tell you when they need your help. Don’t tell your kids to smile. Please. You’ll be looking at them, telling them to smile and they will will and there will be a great shot of them smiling and you with clenched teeth looking at them.

4- Manage your expectations. Do they listen to you all the time? Someone of the time? None of the time? Why expect different in a situation they may never have been in. They are kids. Let them be kids and reveal in the craziness that is your life right at this moment. The days are long and the years are short. You will miss these days. you will laugh at these moments… probably not for years, but one day…

5 – well fed and rested make for happy kids. This goes for adults too. Get coffee and some carbs before the shoot for yourself.

6 – Trust the photog. They have done this before. What you see as a hot mess probably isn’t even close to they have experienced.

Hope this helps!

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My office required me to improvise

Every rush out of the house and forget something? While I would never forget my camera – I have forgotten to take a tripod on vacation. This may not seem like a big deal – but when you want to photograph fireworks, it is. So sometimes you need to punt. Luckily for us, the 4th of July fireworks last year in Orleans were postponed to the day after we got there and that meant – we could go! I missed the fireworks at home because I was booked on a wedding. So this was a nice treat. Until I realized I forgot the bag with the tripod. And the bag with sheets for the kid’s bed too – that was an easy fix. There was a TJ Maxx nearby. The tripod was another story. Too late to get the tripod. So I improvised. I dug my heels into the sand and steadied the camera on my knees and leaned up against, I’m not sure, spouse? And was able to grab more than a few clear shots even tho the shutter speed was 2-4 seconds! Not too shabby! Remember, you need three things to make a photo – the aperture, the sutter and the ISO. When shooting fireworks – it’s the shutter that is most important. Because you want the streaks of light. You need a longer shutter speed. No other way to do it. Not too shabby! But now the tripod is the 2nd thing to be packed after the camera…




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My office needs some more light at times.

While natural light is awesome, sometimes you need to add light to make an image. The trick is to make it look natural. And it helps if the baby opens its eyes just at the right moment to catch a catch light…


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My office has red hearts!

Favorite color. Or at least in the top 3 depending on the day. I have a lightbox – I used it to view slides. Then I got and idea! Put candy hearts on it and take a photo! And that’s pretty much where it ended. This was not a long experiment. It was maybe 5 mins and then I got bored. But I liked this one – so I kept it. Maybe I’ll try swedish fish next. Or gummy bears? Or…?

Candy HeartsCandy Hearts

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My office is lit differently every time I step into it.

Sometimes I use the light that’s there and sometimes I bring my own. It all depends on what I need to do. One type of light isn’t better than the other. But knowing how to use both is the most important part. This image uses window light. Because that’s what I needed to make this image.


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My office is wherever families get together.

Three generations & one rainy day. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and we need to roll with the rain and the wind. Luckily, there are places and breaks in the weather that made this family happy in the short window of time they had together to make this photo.


It all can’t be blue skies and sunshine. Just like life. Make the very best of what you got. Right here and right now.

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My office is full of pretty things.

I’m lucky that my livelihood brings me to places that are decked out to the nines. And I have not idea how that phrase came about – hold on…and there’s no consensus. Could be the 99th Regiment of Foot in Olde England or the old English phrase “ then eyne” eyne as in eye. Dressed to the eyes – roll then and eyne and you get the nines. Anywho…here I am for a bat mitzvah celebration at the Maplewood Country Club and it was stunning.


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