The world is visual. Always has been, but now it’s at the speed of light. You are the face of your business, whether you work for yourself or someone else. You need a headshot. For your website, your LinkedIn profile, your business card, even for your dating profile. I offer a variety of headshot packages from micro sessions for quick updates to full sessions that give you a few different looks for use across your brand.

How best to prep for your headshot:

WHAT TO WEAR: A headshot is a first impression. Think about how you want to appear to your clients. What is the non verbal message you want to give them? Confident? Easy to approach? Professional? Someone who can be trusted? What industry are you in? Creative or conservative? A bit of everything? What would a client normally see you wearing?   

There are two things we need to go over: your comfort and how you look.


  • Wear comfortable but neat clothes. Unwrinkled and clean. Remove tags and please don’t use the session to wear never before worn clothes. They can be scratchy and uncomfortable and it will show in the photos.

  • Check fit. Does the shirt or blouse pull open when you move your arms? Do they tug at the waistline? Are bra straps showing? You should feel comfortable and not self conscious.

Colors and Contrast

  • You are the star of your photos, not your clothes. They should compliment and not compete with you.

  • Keeping the above in mind, please stay away from bold and loud patterns if possible. Please no logos or graphics.

  • Colors: Just about any will work with a few caveats: Red, while it is my fav color, it can be a focal point. Use it carefully. Red and green can have holiday connotations. 

  • Makeup – if you normally wear makeup, wear makeup. Bring it with you. If you don’t normally wear makeup, you may want to wear a just a bit. Let’s chat.

Your photos should reflect you at this moment in time. We, you and I, will work together and make every effort to make you look your very best. I believe in you looking like you.  I will not make you look 20 years younger or 20 lbs lighter. I will soften the repeated blessings of the birthday fairy and work to pose you so that your look your best. If there are specific concerns, please bring them up prior to the session.

You can view more samples of my work here: Headshot Gallery.


Micro and Express Sessions

These are best for people looking to update their LinkedIn profile or company website. Can be done at your location or in a local studio. The sessions are between 5 and 15 mins long and Includes one/two retouched images depending on the package. Best for people that can be comfortable in front of the camera quickly. Fee is based on how many individuals and the location. 


Main Session

This package is great for those looking for something a bit more than the traditional grey backdrop. The session is one hour long. We can shoot indoor, outdoor, or both. The session allows for a change of outfits and 5 retouched images. fee depends on location. Local starts at $350. 


Something different?

Are you a creative? Do you want to color outside of the lines? Maybe an environmental portrait is more your speed? Hey, maybe your headshot doesn’t even include your full face? Let’s talk. Creative sessions start at $550, are two hours long and include 7 retouched images.