Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Stop time. Save THIS moment. 

I offer a wide variety of packages for you to keep your memories. They start with micro holiday card sessions at less than $50 each to special mini sessions around $250 to full sessions starting at $400 and up. 



The days go by slowly. The years go by fast.


  • Schedule sessions around feeding times and naps. A happy child is a well fed and well rested child.

  • Please no food during sessions – with one exception. Bribes can be very useful – if used correctly. Let’s chat about this BEFORE you tell your child anything and before the session.

  • Let me get their attention. Please don’t tell them to smile or look at me. Please let me do that. Also, please don’t check to see if they are smiling. The second you look down at them, is the second they give me a great smile. And you’re not looking at the camera.

  • Please no extra people that you don’t want in the images. They can be a distraction.

  • Yes, you can bring your dog. But let’s chat before and work out a plan.


WHAT TO WEAR: There are two things we need to go over: your comfort and how you look.


  • Wear comfortable but neat clothes. Unwrinkled and clean. Remove tags and please don’t use the session to wear never before worn clothes or shoes. They can be scratchy or uncomfortable and it will show in the photos.

  • Check fit. Does the shirt or blouse pull open when you move your arms? Do they tug at the waistline? Are bra straps showing. You should feel comfortable and not self conscious.

Colors and Contrast

  • You are the star of your photos, not your clothes. They should compliment and not compete with you.

  • Please don’t wear all the same exact color or type of clothes. The eye will go right to that and not your faces.

  • You want to stay in the same range of contrast and color. Everyone in pale colors, grays, pinks, blues, beiges, blacks, whites, jeans with different tops…if you lay out all the clothes beforehand and one outfit draws your eye, that’s the one that needs to be changed.

  • Keeping the above in mind, please stay away from bold and loud patterns if possible. Please no logos or graphics.

  • Colors: Just about any will work with a few caveats: Red, while it is my fav color, it can be a focal point. Use it carefully. Red and green can have holiday connotations. Parents can have more laid back colors and kids can be in bright colors. Your outfits should work together. Happy to chat about works best for your family.

  • Shoes – we shoot outside mostly and you need to be safe and comfortable. High heels in mud or on an uneven path are not safe. Please wear safe shoes.

A few no-no’s:

Please no gum, pushing your tongue up against your teeth, hair ties/bands on wrists, phones in pockets. 

Your photos should reflect you and your family at this moment in time. Please try not to overthink this. I’m happy to have you bounce ideas and worries off me to put you at ease.  

You can view more samples of my work here: Family Gallery.