COVID19 Info


Please know, all of these will be in an acknowledgement that we will both sign when you book that says you’ve read and understand these guidelines.

Many updates. Changing info.

We want you to be safe.

And here’s what we are doing to keep you safe.

  • I am following the advice of the following: specifically government directives, executive orders, CDC Guidelines, and the American Medical Association as well as well respected members of medical and scientific community.

  • I will strictly rely upon to these entities to provide guidance and set parameters during such situations where people’s medical safety and health are threatened or compromised

  • .These guidelines will change, sometimes quickly. As we find out more about COVID19, I will work to keep this page and you updated.

  • Outdoor sessions are welcomed. Indoor sessions are welcome – but let’s talk first, since current guidelines are changing fast.

  • I will be wearing a mask during our session.

  • If you or your family have any symptoms, we will reschedule for at least 2 weeks from the date of the session. If I am experiencing symptoms, I will reschedule for at least two weeks. I know rescheduling is frustrating, but this is for your safety and mine.

The information on how best to protect ourselves from COVID 19 changes daily if not hourly. I ask for your patience as we all navigate this uncertain time in our lives. But life doesn’t stop. Let me help you remember the joyful moments that mean so much more now.