About the Gardens

The Maplewood Community Garden was started in Spring 2010 by a group of Maplewoodians.

We currently have two gardens within the Township of Maplewood NJ: Town Hall and The First Aid Squad.

Town Hall Garden

The Town Hall garden was created in the spring of 2010, and contains 32 raised-bed organic garden plots – over 1500 square feet. Each plot is 4 ft x 12 ft. The Town Hall garden also contains four community plots, which are tended by all members of the garden, and whose produce is donated to various charity organizations within Maplewood and South Orange.

FAS Garden

The First Aid Squad garden was created in the spring of 2011, and contains 21 raised-bed organic garden plots – over 1000 square feet. Each plot is 4 ft x 12 ft.

Maplewood Community Garden

General Garden Information

Each plot is leased for a gardening season by a single Maplewood family, or subdivided by multiple families if desired. Each family is responsible for all aspects of maintaining their plot; planting, watering, weeding, maintenance, harvesting and general upkeep. Top quality organic soil, soil amendments and water are provided by the Community Garden.

Each family is required to participate in an early spring “setup day”, during which all Community Garden members prepare the garden plots for the upcoming growing season. This typically entails renewing the soil in each bed, repairing any winter damage to the garden, assembling the tool shed, etc.

We also require that each family participate in a week’s worth of garden maintenance throughout the summer. This ensure that we always have a family actively maintaining the holistic garden during the summer. The primary responsibilities are the maintenance of the community plots, and watering the plots of those members who may be out of town and general upkeep of the garden grounds.

Towards the end of the growing season, in late October, we also have a end of season garden clean-out day. All garden members work together to remove all remaining plant material, cover the plots with leaves and straw, clean and store the garden tools; preparing the garden for winter.

To get involved with the Maplewood Community Garden, or have any questions contact us!

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