Being an event and family photographer while in the midst of a pandemic

Means you find yourself with free time you wouldn’t normally have in the fall. Mostly during the week.

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. The fall leaves! The trees that look like they are lit from within. The leaves are nature’s stained glass!

In late November, I took a break and visited the NY Botanical Garden. Had bought a membership pre-pandemic with full intent to use it and then have dinner on Arthur Ave in the Bronx after. And take home fresh pasta, mozz and Italian pastries…yeah, that didn’t happen.

But I was able to go one Tuesday. With COVID precautions firmly in place, it was a safe day out. And a beautiful one too!


This is in the Thain Forest. This late in the fall, the majority of trees that still have leaves are the beeches. Their rich golds and yellows play off the deep blue sky fabulously.

Beech leaves against the deep blue sky.Beech leaves against the deep blue sky.

Beech leaves against the deep blue sky.

I pretty much had the place to myself. While being alone has been what many of us have had a bit too much…being alone in nature is healing.

I walked around and let my mind wander. I gave it time off and and gave myself permission to take whatever photos I wanted. Whatever made me happy.

Here are a few of my favs.

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It was a nice break from the outside world.

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