My Office Years Ago: Revisiting places I’ve been while the Pandemic keeps me home.

Revisiting places I’ve been while the COVID 19 Pandemic keeps me home.

It’s really up in the air whether or not we’ll be going on vacation this summer. From having the funds to actually being allowed – no one knows.

So I’m revisiting places I’ve been and things that caught my eye.

First up is Nonnie’s, and ancient pancake house of sorts that used to be in Orleans MA on the cape. We stumbled into it on one of our first trips to Orleans over a decade ago. And there was usually a wait. And I’m sure the locals loved/hated us. It clearly was a time capsule to another, older Cape Cod. And yet our tourism dollars were a part of it still being there. It was pancakes, waffles, bacon and coffee. And eggs. And if you wanted real maple syrup, that would be a $1 extra. And plates. Plates decorated every inch of the walls from all over.

And then there was Nonnie, the owner. She owned Nonnie’s for 44 years and passed away 30 mins before she would have turned 88 in June 2010. Which was the week before our visit to the cape that year. Nothing is permanent, altho the memories are set in amber.



Everything was worn. It reminded me of the National Geographic series that focused on a zip code and something special – a piece of Americana – this was a such a place.

years of paint worn down by years of hands.

No frills coffee.


Probably Nonnie.

Last year, as every year in the past from 2011, we would drive past the building and peer inside wondering what will become of the old place, but it was gone. They knocked it down and made it a parking lot.

But the photos remain.

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