My office is on hold.

Well, if you’ve been under a rock, COVID 19 has rocked everyone’s world.

Being an event photographer, it’s brought mine to a halt.

We are being to told to social distance ourselves and stay home. Basically self quarantine with the ability to leave the house for food. Or a walk. Or at this very moment – small groups of 10 people or less are ok.

So I’m starting a personal photo project. I’ll write more later, but here are the first batch of photos. I took a walk into town.

Covid19 walks-09204.jpgCovid19 walks-09204.jpg

My street. Normally full of parked cars of commuters for the train station.

Commuter parking.Commuter parking.

Commuter parking.

Bit of a ghost town. I walk into town.

Very sad. Hopefully we’ll all get thru this in one piece.


I’m doing my best to support the local biz. Laid in baked goods from the Able Baker.

Pretty much sums it up.

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