My Office – Night Club Party

M had a great, awesome party in a space that once was a night club and is now a wonderful event space. As a photographer, I love working here. So many different looks and spaces – and wonderful. professional and helpful staff. The owners have a great attention to detail and are collaborative working with vendors. All this equals a great party for everyone!

so beautiful blue!so beautiful blue!

so beautiful blue!

The space is broken up into upstairs and downstairs, and for each floor, different nooks and crannies, different looks and lighting. This is upstairs in one of the nooks – ambient light and willing subject. Loved the repeating pattern of the triangles.

more trianglesmore triangles

more triangles

The other thing the top floor’s nooks and crannies is good for – getting this shot!



I’m a sucker for confetti! mazel tov m!

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