My Office – Cherry Blossoms and Graffiti

You can get any further apart then the gentle, fragile and of the moment of cherry blossoms and the harder, edgier and mostly permanent graffiti. And it made for a perfect backdrop for bat mitzvah glamor shoot.

So we started with the graffiti! I’ve been to this spot several times, and the graffiti changes – you never know what will be there. This time, we were lucky to have some awesome art. I would give credit to the artist if I knew who they were.

next up…the contrapuntal cherry blossoms.

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Cherry blossomsCherry blossoms

An outfit change to play off the soft pink of the petals really sets off her the blues of her eyes.

I do love photographing in places that offer many different ‘looks’. It gives options to both the photographer and the client. The cherry blossoms were a quick, short walk from the graffiti and yet light years apart in subject matter. So in one hour, I was able to give my client multiple options and a great variety of images.

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