Maintenance Weeks

Mark your calendar for the maintenance week at your site (FAS or TH), posted under the Plots tab. If you can’t make it the week that you’ve been assigned, you may switch with someone, but you must let the site managers know. They are Stacy or Austin at FAS, and Karen at TH.

Each maintenance week begins on a Saturday and ends the following Friday. For example, if you were assigned May 23, your week runs from May 23 through May 29.

Maintenance week responsibilities include :

  • Water and weed the beds marked with blue-tipped stakes. These are the beds of those on vacation, and donation beds (at FAS 1,2,12A & 12C ,and at TH 34 & 35– by the front gate).
  • Use the weed whacker to trim along fences, inside, and out, and in common areas or pull weeds out by hand. The TH weed whacker is kept at Karen Rutberg’s. Contact her to borrow it.
  •  Mow center aisle (TH).
  • Clean up and remove any debris or trash; empty all bins and remove contents from garden. 

  • At FAS, cut the knotweed shoots with clippers or scissors and cover the stalk with cardboard and woodchips. Do not pull the stalks by hand, because that stimulates growth.

Questions? Contact your site manager or email .

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