2013 Work Days and Meetings


Our gardens grow from soil, sun, rain, love, and hard work! MCG members will be working in March and April to get our gardens ready for spring planting. You should have received an email with a link to sign up for a workday. If you didn’t, please email us at contact@maplewoodcg.org. Remember — all members are required to help at one workday at their site in the spring and one in the fall. So sign up today! Workdays will be at both Town Hall and the First Aid Squad sites on:

Sunday, March 24
Saturday, March 30
Saturday, April 6

First Aid Squad Sign-up

Sign Up Now!

Town Hall Sign-Up

Sign Up Now!

The fruits of our labor at the March 30th workday: wood chips between the beds.

Town Hall Workday

Food Pantry Meeting
Wed., March 13
7:00 pm
11 Euclid Avenue

We are getting together to discuss how we will be organizing ourselves this year to donate to the food pantry. This is part of our obligation as members and supports our non profit status. We will be review what we did last year and make plans for this year. Come if you signed up for the committee or are interested in attending.

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